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What is Branded Real Estate (BRE)

Branded Real Estate Pte Ltd is a whole owned subsidiary of the TSA Group of Companies. TSA is Asia’s global leader in Sports content and branding solutions and has been operating in Asia for 18 years with offices across the region.


TSA provide services across multiple verticals ranging from :


-  Sports content distribution

-  Sponsorship

-  Events Management

-  Brand Consulting

-  Brand Activations


For more info on TSA please check out www.totalsportsasia.com



Branded Real Estate Pte Ltd does the following best : 


WE provide Branded Real Estate (BRE) consultancy to identify the right brands to match with your Real Estate project’s objectives and strategies. WE will review the design, marketing plan and identify the brands that would be most effective for your project and marketing strategy. WE will help in the creation of a “Story” for your development and in the process elevate your building to a whole new level and to an ICONIC positioning.



In the past 7 years, WE have developed a large network of brands from around the globe to work with you ranging from :


–  Sports & Lifestyle Brands

–  Famous Sports & Entertainment Personalities

–  Luxury / High Fashion Brands

–  Media Brands



How does it Work and What’s the Underlying Logic :


Develop Fans and not just Customers

Luxury brands and sports brands (Teams, athletes) have something in common.

They develop a faithful fanatical following, primarily due to high levels of identification.


Definition of a “FAN”

A fan is a person with an intense, occasionally overwhelming liking and enthusiasm for something. It comes from the Latin fanaticus, meaning “insanely but divinely inspired”. ‘The word FAN was introduced into English around 1550 meant “marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion.”



How Do YOU create FANS – Leverage the power of “Associative Conditioning”

When brand (A) has a positive association (a high esteem in the eyes of the consumer), another Brand (B) can be paired with it and benefit greatly. Luxury brands, Athletes/Celebrities, Clubs/Teams as well as certain Mega Events are able to transfer their Positive image to another brand;



Simple Examples you would have seen to demonstrate the power of Associative Conditioning (AC) and Co-branding :


–  Puma has a “Ferrari co-branded” range of sports wear (and charges a premium for it)

–  Tag Heuer uses Maria Sharapova as endorser

–  Rolex associates with Wimbledon

–  Air Asia partnered with Manchester United for its launch



All these brands understand the power of leveraging someone else’s brand for their own benefit. Let us show you how this works in Real Estate.

Founder and Group CEO TSA

Marcus Luer

aboutus_2Marcus Luer is the Founder and Group CEO of the TSA Group of Companies, Asia’s leading global sports marketing agency which he started 18 years ago in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (www.totalsportsasia.com).  He is also the Co-Founder  of GLORY Sports International (GSI), the #1 Kickboxing League in the world (www.gloryworldseries.com).  His latest venture is Branded Real Estate Pte Ltd which leverages on his 20 years experience in the brand and marketing/sales space and brings a new form of branding into the world of Real Estate (www.brandedrealestate.com).

Marcus is a thought after industry expert, consulting to both Rights Holders and multinational corporations and has been featured on CNBC, BBC News, international newspapers and a variety of magazines.

Sports Business International (SBI) magazine recently voted him into the “SBI 200 Team”, comprising of the most influential leaders in the industry over the past 18 years.

Living and working in Asia for the past 20 years, Marcus combines his cross cultural background having grown up in Germany and studied in the USA with his practical hands-on experience to further develop the Asian and global sports marketing industry and now translating all this into Branded Real Estate.

At the end of 1997, Marcus founded the company which is now called TSA (Total Sports Asia Ltd). Marcus’ drive and leadership has guided the company to what it is today, Asia’s global leader in sports content and branding solutions. TSA operates across 6 offices in the region (Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Beijing, Delhi).

TSA represents and works with major global sports brands from Premier League Football Clubs, Formula One and a host of Olympic sports associations (BWF, ITTF, AIBA, IAAF, FINA, UCI, etc). TSA’s role is to develop new commercial opportunities and build larger platforms for these sporting brands in the region or worldwide. TSA focuses globally on Asian centric sports including racket sports Badminton, Table Tennis and Combat sports. On the other side of the equation, TSA’s clients range from broadcasters worldwide, Asian multinationals to global corporations seeking to maximize the power of sports for their own brand benefit. TSA consults to a host of blue chip companies on their sports marketing strategies.

TSA’s full range of services includes media rights distribution, TV production, sponsorship, events management and consulting. Its mission is to enrich people’s lives through sports & entertainment.

Marcus has a hands-on role across the key properties and projects TSA is involved in and as a recognized industry pioneer is constantly engaged in shaping the future of sports marketing in Asia from both the rights holder and corporate perspective.

In early 2012, Marcus teamed up with a group of blue chip investors and Fight Sports industry experts to launch GLORY, which in record time has become the premier kickboxing League in the world. GLORY has produced over 20 events (and counting) since its inception in major cities around the world from London, New York to Tokyo and will continue to expand its reach across media platforms worldwide.

Marcus is not just an avid sports fan but also gets into the action. You will see him regularly participate in Triathlons or other sporting events across the region with his son and daughter. He is also a Board member of YPO’s (Young Presidents Organization) Malaysian Chapter.